Windermax High Pressure Laminates (HPL) 

Windermax HPL High Pressure Laminates (HPL) in India at Lowest Price

Are You looking High Pressure Laminates HPL Sheets In Delhi-NCR?

High Pressure Laminates HPL Sheets Suppliers and Traders in India. High pressure laminate HPL Sheets is a type of embellishing covers in which the layers of Kraft paper impregnated with melamine resin are infused with decorative paper and protective overlay and the subsequent laminate is joined to the substrates at High pressure and temperatures. In spite of the fact that the comparable procedure is utilized to make high pressure laminates hpl sheets, the distinction lies in the scope of pressure used.

High Pressure Laminates HPL Sheets Apart from being a popular option for residential installations like interior, exterior, kitchen countertops, it caters perfectly to the high-traffic commercial flooring purposes. Architects and designers also recommend high pressure laminate HPL sheets for a variety of furniture and cabinetry needs as well.

Windermax  High Pressure Laminates HPL Sheets are the exterior  grade panels  with extremely  effective weather  proactive coating  consist of double hardened acrylic polyurethane resins .They are produced In high pressure laminates hpl presses under  high pressure at high  temperature.  it can be used on the facades application of high end  societies and villas commercial, complex, shopping malls, hospitals, fast food outlets  and high end resorts with features like free resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, stain resistance, heat sound  and thermal  insulation  properties these  panels  are  not only durable  in nature but also look very elegant and aesthetic. Since panels are compressed under 120/mpa/cm cube hence the molecular compaction of the mass prevents on the surface more significantly the thermal and heat insulation properties help in conserving electricity and thus maintain consistent temperatures indoors.

  • Specializes in wallpaper, laminated flooring and high pressure laminate HPL industry. As a requirement of specialization are working with worldwide leading manufacturers.
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    It can be used on the facade application of high end  societies and villas commercial , complex, shopping malls, hospitals, fast food outlets  and high end resorts.  They also constitute an economic choice for work surfaces and tables in restaurants and similar commercial settings.

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High Pressure Laminates

High Pressure Laminate

High Pressure Laminates

High Pressure Laminate

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